Well, hello everyone and hello 2019! We’re already in to mid  MARCH, but this is my first blog post of (The JW show)! I am pretty much excited and welcome you all to always check us out to get a glimpse of the Kenyan Fashion Industry. From new fashion trends , creative vintage looks to the all season glamorous KITENGE looks and all new styles from our very own Kenyan designers. The JW Show blog is mainly set to promote Kenyan content in terms of fashion.

We kick of with getting some insights about the JW SHOW right from the horse’s mouth. Having said that you must have guessed it right we get to go up close with Mr. JW himself. JW is a big name currently in the Kenyan fashion industry. I know most of you must be asking yourselves what does the JW initials stand for and that brings me to my first question.
WHO IS JW and what is his typical workday like?
“Well first JW stands for JEFFREY WILSON and JW is a go-getter and a faithful believer of Christ. He is the founder The JW Show’.
My day is always easy; I normally start with gym just to prepare my mind before I start work.

The JW shows a unique platform one of the reasons being that it was founded two years ago having heard its first show in 2017 grew immensely in 2018 having media personalities and government officials as in attendance. Plans are already underway to make 2019 edition a bigger and better platform. The show happens yearly around November but the county tours are started quite early. The JW Show has caused a disruption and uproar in the Kenyan fashion industry by mainly its theme, which is, buy Kenya build Kenya where most local designers feel recognized and get to showcase and learn from each other. JW says pointed out that the show is slowly but swiftly coming up and he is hoping for more of collaboration and partnerships

When asked to define success and what persuades him to organize for this event annually this is what he had to say.
Just seeing it grows to appoint where it always get totally sold out is my biggest success so far. And building a platform where people are happy about what they do and see them succeed in their endeavors is very humbling for me. You see what one requires is creativity and open mindedness plus being resilient and persevering to see to it that your goals are achieved.

Most of you might be wondering how he managed to get into the fashion industry and from what I gathered JW states that he saw a gap because most planners and organizers were busy focusing on the west a lot yet I wanted to create something people can relate to, something legit, something original and more so unite the industry to bring out the Kenyan identity. And just so you know JW would not consider shifting his career.

Xoxo n.banks