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Tell us the developments & drive behind the brand, The JW Show?

The JW Show: What drives us is the massive talent available that is in most cases not maximumly utilized.Be it designers,models and all other stakeholders they are full of undeniable talent but there have been a gap in promoting local talents and that’s where The JW Show comes in. We hope to continue offering a platform to showcase what we own;what we have.

What are Some of the transformations the fashion industry has gone through since you got inn and who are some of the champions behind?

The JW Show: Since we began we can now say that people have started embracing our local designs that can be seen in the increased consumption of locally designs Ankara’s and other fashion trends.Plus The JW Show has been able to unite the models to designers to other investors and stakeholders in the industry.

What role does the government play in the fashion industry today to facilitate it's growth compared to 7 years ago?

What Should the industry expect this time from the JW Show?

The JW Show: Expect a lot from The JW Show

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